Do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of. - Benjamin Franklin


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I don’t understand Democrats…they are constantly supporting them by saying they respect women more than Republicans…I call BS! Yes they don’t believe in pro-choice but that doesn’t mean they don’t respect women! So what if Romney’s ANCESTORS had more than one wife that isn’t him AND that’s their religion, it’s not disrespect to those women-they all know what the religion was about. Anyways, do Democrats forget how Bill Clinton treated women? He just used them and CHEATED on his own wife. Oh and the fact that Obama is just throwing money to countries who not only are planning on killing us and teaming up with terrorists, but countries that treat their own wives like shit! Let’s think about that for a bit!

Tumblr Gets Deep






Someone posted somebody else tumblr page about a list of goals, the girl was 16 and it’s terrible for her to want stuff? Wow let’s take a look at your life, HONESTLY! And then this person had the ability to just ASSUME that this girl was expecting all those things she wanted to be handed to her saying how she was nothing like that at 16 and she worked for those things she wanted…What’s saying that the 16 year old you (a 22 year old) is ragging on isn’t doing the same. Maybe she has more ambitions that she didn’t list because maybe she’s embarrassed or feels like in her High School she’ll get picked on. Wow people need to stop ambushing people that bad, especially when you don’t know the chick. It just kind of made me sad to see people putting others down for what they want. So what if they’re not like you…DAMN I’m glad she’s not like you. 

OH and then they made fun of the girl because she was saying how she is anti social and wishes she wasn’t claiming because her picture was her and two other girls saying she obviously has no trouble at all…WHAT??!!! That makes no sense, those could be her family or just two close friends since she was little, just because you have a picture with two people online doesn’t mean you’re popular.

One more thing, I know this girl’s ex bf who used to tell me she was very spoiled and got what she wanted all the time when she was in high school bc her parents were rich. Yet she’s making herself to sound better and above the world saying she never was given anything…LIES,LIES, OH AND MORE LIES. Get off your high horse lady! Stop being a hypocrite!!

Okay, I’m calm now. I was just very disappointed and annoyed. HUMPH

When I see a girl flirting with the guy I like


I’m just like:


oh the irony from who i reblog from…

leave my effing bf alone. some people just dont think

My Family

forgot about my birthday I think….

If you’re at the gym, I don’t think you’re really sweating a ton if you have enough time to post it on facebook and keep commenting…JUST SAYING!